Quarterly Newsletter Volume 40 20/11/2019

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Volume 40 / 20 November 2019

“The Southern end of the Sunshine Coast is the great underestimated sleeping area of the Sunshine Coast. WHY!!!”

HOW – WHAT – Is the market DOING?


Firstly, we are the closest to Brisbane.  “Secondly”, we have the greatest selection of beaches.  “Thirdly”, we are finally witnessing multi million dollar prices.  “Fourthly”, planned developments and infrastructure. “Fifth”, our beach suburbs are small enclaves and second to none.

Compare the prices this end of the coast to Noosa, Sunshine Beach etc. I do believe Caloundra city will in the next few years be a great location to attain capital appreciation. 

Are you sick of letterbox drops, – agents all telling you they are the best and the answer to marketing your property.

David Millar does multi thousand deliveries throughout Caloundra plus a large email database each quarter, we are now on edition number 40 of our newsletter.

Our aim is for you to think of David Millar Real Estate for your property requirements we are not the largest in Caloundra, we are a boutique agency, but we have decades of selling success and property knowledge for years we have sold over 90% of our listed properties, in reality marketing property consists of,



Very early in the going to market process a decision has to be made, if the property is in 10/10 presentation state, great, if it is not should you be re carpeting, landscaping, decluttering or even staging the property with hire furniture.  These are all vital decisions to make.

The Right Advice, which we propose to give you, the seller can be a mix of all the above.  The proposition as we at David Millar Real Estate see it is attaining you the seller the maximum price in the shortest time frame possible – with the least disruption and expense on your behalf and lifestyle.

What we are saying is – everyone is different with different circumstances.  For instance, the general interior may require paint, or some money spent to upgrade, the garden may require two or three days landscaping and a general tidy.

You as the seller, literally enter into a marketing partnership seeking our advice. This leads to you as seller, sitting down and considering your reasons for selling, to what degree you wish to present the property and to what time frame you seek a contract.


– any foolish or inexperienced agent can sell a property if they list at a low market price. Conversely any seller is in awe of the foolish agent who commits to a very high market price range.

The question is – will they deliver the goods or on week two of the marketing, will they start what I call the “water torture process”, designed to reduce the price. Even worse, on a property with an *asking price of say $850,000, will the agent bring in offers fairly quickly of say $725,000 or $750,000? We, of course, are using the statement examples that the market is telling us. 

David Millar Real Estate believes if the agent has used true professionalism in appraising your property, they (the agent) should come into a realistic price range.

This process is NOT BASED ON A MULTIMEDIA MARKETING COMPANY APPRAISAL. Giving for instance suburb averages, mean market price then giving a price range of between say $650,000 and $750,000 and magically concluding the property is worth around $700,000.

Your property has to be judged on;

  • Location
  • m² of floor space
  • presentation
  • equivalent comparable sales in the past 12 months
  • relevant positive features i.e. side access, extra vehicle accommodation, new kitchen/bathroom etc.

Auction may be a great way to proceed but whatever method of marketing, Auction, a set price, a small price range i.e. “offers over” the hard conversation between you and your agent has to take place at the beginning of the process.

Remember when you market property you really have a 30/60 day window of opportunity to attain a sale, these are the high activity days so as to speak. 

Lastly don’t set your price on the house in the next street (true story) it has been languishing on the market for five months, it is obviously overpriced.

    Getting the Right Advice

    Some things to consider when selling

    Agent: virtually, deregulation of Real Estate has seen agency numbers increase dramatically we are all struggling for listings, we believe we have the runs on the board so as to speak and a record of success so please consider us in your selection of an agency our motto is “Give the Right Advice”

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