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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose David Millar Real Estate?

David Millar and the team at David Millar Real Estate have expert knowledge in the local property market.  With many years experience and the backing of a successful, thriving office – we have what it takes to ensure our clients and investors are confident that their investment property is in safe and professional hands.

What happens when I receive my Property Managment appraisal?

From your first point of contact, you can be reassured that you are dealing with professionals.  When we arrive, we will always come prepared to offer you current information and advice based on your property and situation. Our appraisals are obligation free – we value your time as much as our own.

When you decide to lease your property with David Millar Real Estate, we provide you with all the neccessary information in our Property Management Kit and ensure you understand your rights and obligations as an Owner.  We facilitate the entire process to the highest standards to ensure a smooth and successful tenancy.

It is important to say that at all times, you are in control of your decision and your Property.  Working with an established and trusted Agent or Agency provides you with the tools and expertise you need to rent your property successfully.

What about costs?

Your Property Management Appraisal is cost free and you have no obligation to go further.

We add value to your experience by providing up to date information and assessment to assist you in making informed choices about your asset. If you decide to lease your property with David Millar Real Estate, you will be guided through the process, including the costs associated with leasing your property.




How to book an appointment

To book your Property Managment Appraisal, simply complete the contact form here and leave a message letting us know some details.  We will confirm your appointment details and meet with you at your location.

If you prefer – give us a call right now on (07) 549 13344
or drop in and speak with us at 8 Second Avenue, Caloundra.



Property Management Appraisal

At David Millar Real Estate, we experience low vacancy rates and arrears.  Our expert Property Management team ensure your investment is managed to the highest standards.