Quarterly Newsletter Volume 36 5/08/19

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Volume 36, 5th August 2019


Essentially the first six months of the year have been influenced by the banking industry inquiry and the now past Federal Election, volumes of sales have dropped considerably as the market wait.  Over a career of several decades I have not seen listings as hard to attain, this is compounded by the massive increase in small agencies hopping on the band wagon to earn a dollar in what is perceived as an easy industry – “Real Estate”

Property experience, product knowledge and negotiating skills: – General Real Estate procedures are not known to many industry practitioners who attain a full licence in a few weeks.  They have some idea of procedure but very little property knowledge or culture, in fact, sellers beware – seek the services of established Real Estate Agencies and preferably local agents. They have the knowledge of the local market, for example agents from Buderim, Maroochydore are out of their areas and knowledge is attained from Real Estate websites.

Competent selling is done by comparison of what has sold and what is for sale – the experienced local agents should know this.

David Millar Real Estate sells 90% of the properties we list.

Let me add there is a trap perceiving an agent’s success by studying and making decisions on the number of properties they have listed.

Unfortunately, some agents appear to have  a high profile and a huge listing base.  Upon checking days on the market many of these listings have been there for many months, in many cases meaning they are either badly presented or grossly overpriced.

Lastly, selling your property is a far more complex process than attaining a Corelogic statistical guestimate, giving a range of say from $520,000 to $600,000 and using the halfway point $560,000 as the price.

Did they analyse your property;

State of Presentation
Block Size
any other significant factors.

Should you choose to seek a free comprehensive appraisal (if tenanted we can do this kerbside, thus not disturbing the Tenants),  we promise we will not then annoy you on a continual basis seeking the listing of the property.  Of course, we would like to do business with you if you wish.

David Millar Real Estate prides itself as being across all avenues of Real Estate so whether you are buying, selling or renting we offer to give you the right advice.  We understand that people’s needs are all different just as selling and purchasing property for all of us have different requirements.

The future for property in Caloundra is excellent simply because of the supply and demand. 

“I have stated before that proximity to beaches and water are the linchpins of prices.  The beach suburbs are totally developed, there is no more vacant land, and Purchasers can either take the property as it is – perform a major renovation – or demolish and start again.  This is an excellent backdrop for future capital gains.”  David Millar, Principal.

David Millar Real Estate sold in June & July, properties to the value of $3.36 million.


  • Residence 34 Oval Avenue, Caloundra
  • Residence 12 Stavewood Street, Meridan Plains
  • Unit 3 “Calamare” 15 Ormonde Terrace, Kings Beach
  • Residential flats 29-31 Leeding Terrace, Caloundra
  • Unit 3 “Burgess” 70 Albert Street, Kings Beach

Call us any time regarding your property needs or an obligation free Market Appraisal.
(07) 5491 3344

Our Team at David Millar Real Estate are here to help you achieve your goal.

Sales for the Quarter

(Compiled from realestate.com.au figures with no guarantee as to being 100% accurate).
Suburb Homes Sold Average Price Unit / T/house Sold Average Price
Aroona 17 $604,141.29 N/A N/A
Battery Hill 16 $564,531.25 10 $268,600.00
Currimundi 38 $540,906.52 7 $399,785.71
Caloundra 6 $506,833.33 64 $492,522.81
Caloundra West 64 $507,121.87 2 $337,000.00
Dicky Beach 9 $931,500.00 12 $350,625.00
Golden Beach 31 $636,258.06 21 $481,190.47
Kings Beach 5 $1,170,000 80 $540,400.00
Little Mountain 71 $620,374.61 7 $289,857.14
Meridan Plains 34 $539,682.35 6 $374,733.33
Moffat Beach 16 $848,437.50 4 $660,625.00
Pelican Waters 61 $843,344.26 16 $402,532.25
Shelly Beach 12 $805,166.66 N/A N/A
Wurtulla 50 $719,579.92 5 $325,800.00


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